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Pilar América began studying music at a young age under the guidance of her grandmother, América Martínez, renowned professor of classical guitar in Seville, Spain. Pilar América studied at Conservatorio Profesional de Música Francisco Guerrero and she competed in various competitions, winning 1st place the "II Guitar Competition Ciudad de Antequera" (Málaga, Spain), 2nd place in the "III Guitar Competition Ciudad de Alcalá la Real" (Jaén, Spain) and 3rd place in the "IX Guitar Competition América Martínez" (Seville, Spain).

Pilar América received honorable mention upon completing her studies at Conservatorio Profesional de Música Francisco Guerrero and she also completed her superior guitar studies degree at Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel Castillo in Seville with honours. She later completed a master's degree in Performance and Research of Spanish Music, specializing in classical guitar, at Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid (RCSMM), as well as a master's degree in Secondary/ Intermediate Education, specializing in Music, from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). 

Throughout her career Pilar América has received masterclasses from prestigious masters of classical guitar such as Serafín Arriaza, José María Gallardo, Leo Brouwer, Marco Tamayo, María Esther Guzmán, Joaquín Clerch, Roberto Aussel, Antonio Duro and Pablo Sainz Villegas. Similarly, she has received masterclasses from expert musicians of other genres such as jazz and flamenco, by artists such as Jayme Marques, Pat Martino, Bobby Martínez, Pepe Rivero, Pahola Crowley, Arturo Lledó, Emmet Crowley, Enrique Vargas and Paco del Pozo.

In recent years Pilar América has performed in diverse venues and locations in Spain, Saudi Arabia, France, Portugal and Canada. She performed as a soloist in a variety of emblematic stages such as the Excelentísimo Ateneo, Seville (Spain), Capitanía General Theatre, Seville (Spain), Fundación CajaSol Theatre, Seville (Spain), CentroCentro Cibeles Auditorium, Madrid (Spain), Sala Manuel de Falla del Real Conservatorio Superior de Madrid (Spain), Guitarras Ramírez, Madrid (Spain), Espacio Ronda, Madrid (Spain), concerts with the Rotary Club Madrid International at Palacio Negralejo and Ritz Hotel, Madrid (Spain). She has also performed internationally at the Spanish Embassy in Riad (Saudi Arabia), Ermida de Santa Ana in Tavira (Portugal), Hotel Roissy in Lourdes (France), Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto (Canada) and St. Matthew's Clubhouse, Toronto (Canada), among others.

Pilar América has branched out throughout her career. She received funding from the Artistas Interpretes o Ejecutantes (AIE) to study modern music at Universidad Alfonso X (Madrid). Pilar América later formed and collaborated with a variety of groups, combining classical music with genres such as flamenco, Brazilian and world music. She has performed in a variety of important venues such as Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid where she performed in various performances with the accomplished band La Raíz during their tour ¨Nos Volveremos a Ver¨. She performed at Sofar Sounds Madrid with the artist Rueda, as she did on many occasions with the band She, who won a variety of prizes and awards such as Grupo Revelación de Sevilla Joven, Santaella (Córdoba) and Cantera Rock (Sevilla). Among her musical collaborations, groups such as Classenco and Son de Marte are noteworthy as they maintain the essence of classical music with a touch of Spanish music and flamenco.

Now based out of Toronto, Pilar América maintains her roots as a Spanish classical guitarist while exploring  and collaborating with flamenco artists in the community. she accompanies flamenco classes at Carmen Romero flamenco studio and is working with established Toronto.based artists such as Benjamin Barrile and Alison MacDonald. Pilar América was a recipient of the Toronto Arts Foundation ¨Newcomer Arts Award¨, as well as the Mississauga Arts Council ¨Matchmaker MicroGrant¨. Thanks to this support she is beginning to record her solo Spanish Guitar Album.   

2010 - present

2010 - present

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